Learn languages through interactive game play and tutorials.

Teacher Benefits

  • Time – Teachers save time on printing and distributing grammar worksheets.
  • Parental contact – Teachers can choose to personally notify parents when work is set via automated emails.
  • Monitoring – The grammar test means teachers can set students targets to achieve in an academically rigorous test that can only be attempted 3 times.
  • Grammar - 5 differentiated gold star grammar games with in-depth grammar tutorials, vocabulary lists (not the answers!) and assessment for learning.
  • All the verb conjugations students need for A* success in French and Spanish, including irregular verbs and the subjunctive, broken down into topic-based lists.
  • Dynamic content to practise the grammar specified by the major UK exam boards for GCSE (nouns, articles, adjectives, adverbs, quantifiers, pronouns, time, numbers, question words and conjunctions).
  • Dictation - 3 gold star dictation and translation games with assessment for learning.
  • Over 2,500 audio files recorded by French and Spanish native speakers, including extensive content across the basics, GCSE “essentials” and A-level phrases.
  • Trending@ enables teachers to direct students’ learning to focus on specific areas (Click and Play).
  • Personalised achievement certificates are awarded to students when they succeed on the challenging gold star games (Click and Play).