Learn languages through interactive game play and tutorials.

School Benefits

  • Grammar – Dynamic, topic-specific content includes over 120,000 words and phrases in French and Spanish for GCSE and A-level success, closely matching the grammar specifications for all major examination boards.
  • Dictation – 3,000 French and Spanish audio files enable students to listen, type and translate key GCSE and A-level words in a dedicated dictation tab (School Plus).
  • Engagement in MFL – Students love the league tables as they can get ahead of their classmates by winning gold stars and challenging their classmates to beat their scores.
  • National Curriculum – Grammar Evolution allows students to access many key areas of the current programme of study for MFL, including: understanding basic grammar; improving the accuracy of their pronunciation and intonation; identifying and using tenses or other structures which convey the present, past, and future; and transcribing words and short sentences that they hear with increasing accuracy.
  • Cost-effective – All packages allow access for 2,000 users and prices start from as little as £80 per year.
  • Peace of mind – 6 month money-back guarantees mean if users aren’t happy with their experience, the school gets a full refund.