Interactive grammar games where speed and accuracy are the keys to success!
What will Grammar Evolution offer my school?
  • Grammar – Dynamic, topic-specific content includes over 120,000 words and phrases in French and Spanish for GCSE and A-level success, closely matching the grammar specifications for all major examination boards.
  • Dictation – 3,000 French and Spanish audio files enable students to listen, type and translate key GCSE and A-level words in a new tab where students can also see their position in the whole school.
  • Engagement in MFL – Students love the league tables as they can get ahead of their classmates by winning gold stars and challenging their classmates to beat their scores.
How will Grammar Evolution benefit my students?
  • Progression – Detailed online tutorials combine with gameplay to accelerate students’ learning and motivate them to keep learning languages.
  • Differentiation – increasingly more challenging gold-star games quickly improve student confidence.
  • Assessment for learning – Students see correct answers when they get questions wrong, enabling them to improve as they play.
How will Grammar Evolution benefit my teachers?
  • Time – Teachers save time on printing and distributing grammar worksheets.
  • Parental contact – Teachers can choose to personally notify parents when work is set via automated emails.
  • Monitoring – The grammar test means teachers can set students targets to achieve in an academically rigorous test that can only be attempted 3 times.