Interactive grammar games where speed and accuracy are the keys to success!
Fully differentiated games to cater for all abilities. Beginner (KS3), intermediate (KS4) and advanced (KS5) levels. Over 70,000 different words and phrases in French and Spanish. Learn More Spanish Why settle for John Church when you can be Juan Iglesias? Click here to sign up for a free 6 week trial. Learn More Rigorous, demanding and engaging grammar assignments. SMART assignments mean teachers can monitor students′ progress. Revision activities for students to use when preparing for summative assessments. Learn More Content based on major UK exam boards′ vocabulary for GCSE French and Spanish. All UK GCSE exam boards′ grammar topics covered. Also includes basic activities for KS3 classes and extension material for more able students. Learn More Self-marking activities will automatically award a National Curriculum level and show value added progress versus students’ targets. Detailed reports will provide feedback on what students can do and how they must improve to reach the next level. Multiple differentiated texts provide suitable stimulus for entry level KS3 learners and more able KS4 students. Common topic areas will provide a great depth of material. Genuine native speakers read the texts to strengthen the learner’s ability to link sounds and spellings. Learn More